Islamic Compass Qibladirection


Are you out of city?
Are you travelling in some journey?
Are you out of country?
Do you want to say prayer? And you lost the direction of Qibla?
No problem, the answer of all questions is only one, which is Islamic compass Qibla direction. Now no matter where you are? Your Qibla direction is in your android, just get it in your hand, compass will tell you about the direction of Qibla.
One of important and unique thing in Islamic compass Qibla direction is the use of app theme, a collection of lovely themes, change it as per your mind and make change your theme anytime.
One big edge of Islamic compass Qibla Direction is that you can find other directions also, on the walk journey you can never be lost your directions towards your destination. Because your compass is with you who will you guide you all the time.
A tool to find the directions when you fear to lost your directions
With the best collection of app themes, change your app theme any time
Free tool of compass
Get your Qibla direction and say prayer in right direction
An important tool, which must a necessary part of your android

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